Disk/Video Interface

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M100-dvi-2.jpg M100-dvi-1.jpg


Basic Usage Example



Service Manual

26-3806 Notice

Correction to BASIC Error Codes

Other Books

Inside The TRS-80 Model 100

System Disk

There are 2 versions of the system disk, one for Model 100 (and 102) only, and one for both Model 100 & 200.

DVI system disk 1.jpg DVI system disk 2.jpg

Steven Adolph has dissected and copied the system disk files.
System Disk files from Steven Adolf on Club100

The system disk formatting and files are fully described in the service manual.

Arcadeshopper has copies of both versions of the system disk.

26-314 for Model 100

26-3806 for Model 200





ROM dumps

File:M40 P.bin is the main rom
File:M17 CG.bin is the character generator

Wonderful Hacks from Days Gone By

Use the cassette motor control to use both sides of a double-sided drive!

Search the entire M100SIG archive for anything related to the Disk/Video Interface