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This is Tandy Tech, or Tandy Wiki, or TRS-80 Tech, or something. I haven't figured out the cool name yet.

It's just a resource for documenting and disseminating info about TRS-80 and Tandy computers and related peripherals and subjects, in a wiki fashion.

There are several web sites and forums and mail lists, but there are no real wikis. People struggle to learn things, and then that knowledge is largely lost again, because web site authors lose interest or lose the battle with time, and the info goes out of date or goes lost entirely. Sometimes you can find old info in archives of mail lists, but then when what you find is incomplete or partially incorrect or obsolete, you can't go back and correct it. There is a LOT of info already out there, but it's all frustratingly incomplete, old, and static. You can't fix up the things that you find and learn better.

So, wiki.

For instance, this crappy front page itself will be improved over time. And if I don't do it, YOU can! Like cut all this uninteresting verbiage out, create a new page named something like Mission, dump it in there, and just leave a little link to it here.

The initial intended scope of this wiki is pretty much any computer from Radio Shack. Life and reality does not have many clean lines however, so of course I expect non-Radio Shack info to appear as well. Many Radio Shack products were also manufactured or sold or rebranded or cloned or chared a common ancestry with many non Radio Shack products. The Model 1 was a minimalist circuit wrapped around a Z80. Well lots of other machines were also minimalist circuits wrapped around a Z80. A thorough article explaining how to clean and calibrate a Commodor or Atari floppy drive, is 99 44/100ths applicable to a TRS-80 drive. Not to mention the many 3rd party products that were not made by Radio Shack, but which were made to work specifically with Radio Shack machines.

For starters I'm just going to dump wiki versions of some various notes and recipes that I had been keeping in Google Drive and Google Photos, and even Facebook posts. And just start building a plain disorganized list of them here as an index. Over time, the organization can be improved, same as the content itself. Hell at first the content will just be links to the the Google Drive folders!

This info is wildly incomplete. It is intended to be filled in over time rather than be compiled and presented as a finished product. Those are called books and they take years to write and you hopefully get paid for it. I threw this Digital Ocean droplet up and dropped Centos 7 and MediaWiki 1.28 on it and registered a couple domain names all in a few hours one night, and had to pay for the hosting and the domain. It is a place where anyone can place anything Tandy related, but does NOT claim to be a place that already has everything Tandy related. It will just have the handful of a few small things I personally have figured out and wish to document at first. What happens after that I don't really care that much. It's still better that Google Drive folders even if all it ever contains is my own few contributions.




Color Computer

This is a disorganized list. Some items like a DMP-100 are generic and could be used with any computer. Some others like a PDD-2 are not generic, and are really only used with a Model 100, 102, or 200, or their non-RS equivalents (Kyocera, NEC, etc). I have no idea how best to organize these things into classes and yet still have a complete list in one place, so for now, it's just a list pretty much at random.
Expansion Interface

3rd party: