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Disk/Video Interface Compatible Floppy Drives


5.25" half-height
Double Density
Single Side

In general, the simplest way to search for a compatible drive is to search for "360K" drives. Most 1.2M drives won't work. A 360K drive has the right TPI & Density matching the original 180K drive, but has two sides instead of just one. The extra side is simply not used by the DVI. It's technically a waste, but there are no half-height 180K drives out there to be found, while 360K drives are still relatively easy to find.

A few known working drives

Make Model Notes
TEC FB-501 Original Drive
Epson SD-521 Side Mounting Holes
Panasonic JU-455-5 Side Mounting Holes
Teac FD-55B-01-U

Mounting Holes

There are two common locations for screw holes on the sides of half-height drives. Usually drive mounting brackets will have 4 holes on each side to allow for both types of drives.

The brackets for the upper drive bay in the DVI only have one set of holes, which matches the original drive, and some other drives do not have screw holes in that location.

The lower drive bay uses screw holes on the bottom of the drive, not the sides, so any drive works in the bottom bay.

To use some non-original drives in a DVI, you may have two choices:

  • Drill new holes in the upper drive bay brackets.
  • Only use the new drive in the lower drive bay and leave the original drive in the upper bay.

Cabling & Configuration

If using 2 drives:

Drive 0:

Install terminator resistor
Jumper DS0 (Or DS1 if the Drive Select jumpers start at 1 instead of 0)
Lower bay in DVI
End of cable connector

Drive 1:

Remove terminator resistor
Jumper DS1 (or DS2 if the Drive Select jumpers start at 1 instead of 0)
Upper bay in DVI
Middle of cable connector
Ground wire, if it can reach, otherwise cover end of ground wire with electrical tape.