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Updating Firmware

First, Ed will do this for you for free. You just have to mail your unit to him.
This is just for reference, or for the future, or if you don't want to or can't send your unit back for whatever reason.

Jed file and jtag pinout:

iMPACT from Xilinx LabTools 14.7
Getting iMPACT and the special usb drivers working on newer versions of Linux (Ubuntu 16.10):

DLC9LP usb programmer (aka platform usb II)

SWD cable and SWD breakout board from adafruit
Ignore the pin labels on the breakout board, go by the pinout picture supplied by Ed.

  1. Get iMPACT and the usb programmer working per above.
  2. Remove the top of the case from the MiniPMI if it's in a case.
  3. Connect the usb programmer to the MiniMPI via the cable and breakout board.
  4. Put the MiniMPI into a Color Computer.
  5. Turn the Color Computer on.
  6. (TODO: more detail in this step) Right click on the device in iMPACT, load the .jed file, and hit Program.