Molex78802 Module

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This is a two part system of a 3d-printable plastic carrier, and a blank template for a PCB that snaps into the carrier.

Together, this makes a module that fits into a Molex 78805 socket, in place of the original carrier and DIP chip.

The OpenSCAD source for the carrier produces both DIP and PCB versions of the carrier, and in 24, 28, and 32-pin sizes.

The KiCAD sources include 24, 28, and 32-pin versions of the PCB template.

These sockets are used in at least:

Tandy models 100, 102, 200, & 600
Kyotronic KC-85
Epson PX-4 & PX-8.


Source CAD files for both carrier and pcb:

Carrier (28-pin PCB version, for REX & Teeprom etc): Shapeways Sculpteo

To start a new PCB design based on this PCB template and carrier

  • clone the git repo
  • copy the PCB directory to a new directory named after the new project
  • rename one of the kicad_pcb files after the new project and start editing that file

Boards which use this

REX Classic
REX# (REXsharp)