Molex78805 PCB Module

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This is a two part system of a 3d-printable plastic carrier, and a blank template for a PCB that snaps into the carrier.

Together, this makes a module that fits into a Molex 78802/78805/15-29-9282 socket, in place of the original carrier and DIP chip.

These sockets are used in at least:

Tandy models 100, 102, 200, & 600
Epson PX-4 & PX-8.


Source CAD files for both carrier and pcb:

Carrier: Shapeways Sculpteo Thingiverse

To start a new PCB design based on this PCB template and carrier

  • clone the git repo
  • copy the PCB directory to a new directory named after the new project
  • open the files in the new directory with kicad

Boards which use this

REX REX Classic
REX# (REXsharp)