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PCB: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/EajwlGGE
BOM: https://www.digikey.com/short/pbch8c
Carrier: Shapeways or Sculpteo


To write the eeprom, you need:

Put the female ends of the wires onto the test clip.
Put the male ends of the wires into the dip28 socket.
Put the dip28 socket into the programmer.
Remove the Teeprom from the Model 100/102/200
Clip the test clip onto the chip on the Teeprom module.


The PCB is maintained on github: http://github.com/bkw777/Teeprom
The carrier is maintained on github: http://github.com/bkw777/pcb2molex8878

If you want to get the carrier printed by another service, get the STL file from the github repo and upload it to any other appropriate service such as Weerg, CraftCloud, etc.

It's important to use the appropriate printing technology for this prt. Currently the only commonly available / practical printing method that is both accurate enough and produces a functionally strong enough part is SLS. Print with any other method at your own risk. Some notes about the common options:

FDM / Fused Deposition: Essentially not printable by FDM. I have managed to print this on my own FDM printer (Creality CR-10S). It was just barely accurate enough to fit, but too weak.
SLA / Stereo Lithography: Prints extremely accurately and would fit perfect, but is too fragile.
MJF / Multjet Fusion: Not accurate enough. I tried several times from ShapeWays. Looks almost perfect visually, doesn't fit well enough.

Some print services offer extra high resolution options for their SLS printing. Sculpteo offers a 60um option which is about twice as high resolution as normal. This does come out very nice, but isn't necessary. The Standard SLS raw nylon 100-120um from Sculpteo, or the standard/cheapest option from Shapeways, is already perfect.

Some print services offer dye and other post-processing options. Be careful with those as they can change the final fit. Raw nylon with or without dye coloring finish is always fine. Sculpteo also offers some gloss and paint finishes. I have not tried any of those yet. The added layer of paint may possibly cause the part not to fit.