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This is a 3d-printable plastic carrier and matching empty PCB template to fit in the carrier, and both together fit in the option-rom socket in Tandy models 100, 102, 200, & 600. (and any other machine that has that same socket, such as Epson PX-4 & PX-8)

Pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zynHU4LSpd5BZBYC9

Sources: https://github.com/aljex/pcb2molex8878

Carrier: http://shpws.me/RngB

To build a REX or Teeprom

  • visit those pages and order the pcb from OSHPark
  • order the carrier from Shapeways.

To start a new design based on the same PCB and carrier

  • clone the github repo
  • copy the PCB directory to a new directory named after the new project
  • open the files in the new directory with kicad

To modify the carrier

You might as well just import the stl file into whatever cad application you like. Currently, the freecad file for the carrier is not very useful as a "source" file. It's just a mesh pretty much the same as the stl file for printing. Re-drawing the model from scratch in either freecad or openscad is planned. Then that will be a more useful source file for the model to make future changes from.

To update the 3d model in the kicad file

  • Export a STEP file of the new carrier to .../NewWidget/000_LOCAL.pretty/3d/foo.step
  • Open .../NewWidget/foo.kicad_pcb
    footprint editor > 000_LOCAL > pcb2molex8878
    footprint properties > "3D Settings" tab
    folder icon > browse to .../NewWidget/000_LOCAL.pretty/3d/foo.step
    save footprint, exit footprint editor
    select the footprint in the main pcbnew display > right-click > Update Footprint

The 3d viewer should now show the new carrier.

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