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This is a 3d-printable plastic carrier and matching empty PCB template to fit in the carrier, and both together fit in the option-rom socket in Tandy models 100, 102, 200, & 600. (and any other machine that has that same socket, such as Epson PX-4 & PX-8)

Pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/stToXok3f2jYjbXd6

Source CAD files for both carrier and pcb: https://github.com/bkw777/pcb2molex8878

Carrier: Shapeways Sculpteo Thingiverse

To start a new PCB design based on this PCB template and carrier

  • clone the git repo
  • copy the PCB directory to a new directory named after the new project
  • open the files in the new directory with kicad

Boards which use these



The OpenSCAD source file has options to generate these different versions of the carrier, and the PCB directory has matching PCB templates for each.


The "chamfer" version is the default version. REX (bkw version) and Teeprom both use this.


The "bump" version of the carrier can also hold a plain rectangle pcb with no polarity features. It can hold an original REX1, if you are willing to sand the edges of the pcb down a little.


The "max" version maximizes the available usable pcb real-estate on both the top and bottom surfaces.


The "pin" version uses a pin and a hole for polarity instead of a chamfer. There is no special advantage to this version over the "chamfer" or "bump" versions.