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A "TPDD client", also usually called a DOS(note), is software that runs on the portable and can read and write files on a Tandy Portable Disk Drive or Tandy Portable Disk Drive 2, or any of their rebadged versions like Brother FB-100 and Purple Computing disk drive, or any "TPDD server", software which runs on a pc and emulates a TPDD.

To use a TPDD client with a real TPDD1 or TPDD2 drive, you need the special cable that came with the drive, or a new cable that has the same electronics inside.


To use a TPDD client with a TPDD emulator, you need a normal Model_T_Serial_Cable.

DOS's (TPDD clients) for Model T computers
Floppy The official DOS that came with the TPDD1
Flopy2 The official DOS that came with the TPDD2
TS-DOS Commercial DOS from Travelling Software
The most popular DOS. Now free.
POWR-DOS / POWR-DISK An early commercial DOS from Acroatix
Some unique features
Tiny A tiny DOS by Tracey Allen that originally came with POWR-DOS
Teeny A relocatable, and slightly smaller version of Tiny by Ron Wiesen
The smallest DOS
D & Weeny Slightly different versions of Teeny by Ron Wiesen
DSKMGR An early alternative DOS
One of the only things available for Kyotronic KC-85 and Olivetti M-10
Disk+ Commercial DOS option ROM from PCSG
Disk Power Commercial DOS by Hugo Ferreyra / Ultrasoft Innovations
TPDD clients that run on other systems Python Runs on anything that has a Python interpreter and the PySerial module Bash Runs on anything that has bash. (ok also needs stty and mkfifo)
TPDDClient Windows Kurt McCullum
PDD210 MS-DOS Tim Palmquist
PDD2 MS-DOS TPDD2 client by Brian Woodcox
PDD1 MS-DOS TPDD1 client by BJ Gleason - modified from PDD2
LapDOS MS-DOS Travelling Software
MacDOS Macintosh 128,512,Plus,SE, etc... Travelling Software
DISCMGR Cambridge Z88 Originally supplied with the drive on an eprom cartridge. (link says DISKMGR but it's really DISCMGR)
DISC-RPB Cambridge Z88
MacTrans HyperCard TPDD client implemented as Macintosh HyperCard stack ??? (dead link)
TDISK NEC PC-8401 "Starlet" Probably also the PC-8501? Possibly even other CP/M machines?

To run MS-DOS apps on Linux with DOS's COM1 connected to Linux's /dev/ttyUSB0, and DOS's C: drive mounted on the current directory:

 dosbox -c "serial1 directserial realport:ttyUSB0" .


 unzip PDD210.ZIP
 dosbox -c "serial1 directserial realport:ttyUSB0" .