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The Tandy Portable Disk Drive is a floppy drive that connects to a Model T via the serial port.

There have been many TPDD emulators over the years starting all the way back when the TPDD itself was still current and running on platforms that are obsolete now. A full list including all the old ones would be interesting to compile in one spot just to see. This is just a few that are currently still developed, or at least usable on current systems.

Name Platform Notes
LaddieCon Windows
LaddieAlpha .NET Windows, OSX, Linux, possibly others like FreeBSD if they have Mono or can run linux's Mono runtime.
mComm Windows, Android, Python Seperate versions for Windows, Android and Python. The Windows and Android versions include bootstrapers. The Python version can run on any platform that has Python. The python version does not include a bootstrapper.
dlplus posix Linux, OSX, or any unix-like os. Includes a bootstrapper.
PDDuino Arduino Includes a bootstrapper.
Backpack Drive hardware device Includes a bootstrapper.
Old / Other
DeskLink MS-DOS
WP2DOS MS-DOS TPDD emulator plus utility to convert WP-2 documents to more standard formats.

Handy dosbox commandline to run dos apps on Linux in the current directory with COM1 connected to a serial port like /dev/ttyUSB0

 dosbox -c "serial1 directserial realport:ttyUSB0" .


 dosbox -c "serial1 directserial realport:ttyUSB0" .
 C:>pde 1