The Missing WIKI

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...But that brings up a point.

I miss a wiki for pretty much everything I do.

I built a cool sound-containing box for my generator. But unlike all other such boxes, it actually works to block most sound, AND it ventilates the generator sufficiently that it doesn't overheat, AND it's weatherproof and simple and made of cheap common materials, and no complicated exhaust piping or anything that has to be custom made to one generator or which prevents the generator from working stand-alone or prevents another generator from working in the same box. Oh and it breaks down for transport or storage. It has only one special part which is a very high power fan. The trade-off for getting a pretty special fan, is much simpler and more robust box overall, with no complicated and custom exhaust piping that entangles the generator and box to only work with each other and opens holes in the box for water to get in and sound to get out.

And yet, the design could still be improved further.

I already have a job and am not interested in making and selling generator sound boxes.

A wiki or github page to publish that design, and allow other people or myself to tweak it further would be *great*. But what web site do I put that on?

Join some "prepper" form sites just so I have a place to post this one random thing when I otherwise have only minor interest in the topic of prepping in general? And then I post it and it gets buried and forgotten in the ongoing stream of new conversation threads.

Right now I have a few pics up in Google Photos and a [video] on Youtube. Once in a blue moon someone tries to ask a question or offer a comment on in the youtube comments, which I never see, and which doesn't allow you to even post a link in a comment. Useless. Worse than joining a prepper site even.

I got a DMP-100 and it had a few different age-related problems that they will ALL have pretty soon. The FFC cable to the print head has delaminated and oxidized. The slides and gears are a bit sticky from old dry oil. You can't get ribbons any more. I have resolved all of those issues. I found a way to repair the FFC cable with a section of new generic FFC and some ordinary wire added on both ends to go from the FFC holder to the logic board connector and the print head. I found a particular model of printer ribbon that you can still buy new, which is similar enough to the original DMP-100 ribbons that you can use them with a little hacking. Where do I put that? There are several web sites amassing lots of old info, but none that I can add this new knowledge to.

A lot of people in the same situation have put up their own web sites and blogs. But then those things only live for a few years and then they're gone.

So a generic "The Missing WIKI" actually sounds pretty cool. You put anything there which doesn't have a better place anywhere else. Like Wikipedia itself, except without Wikipedias particular strict rules about what goes in and what doesn't. Or rather, different particular rules. For an example of one big difference: Original research would be greedily accepted. And the search engines crawl all the pages and index them, and so then people can find them.