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The A&J MicroDrive System-100 is a tape drive almost identical to the Exatron Stringy Floppy.

Entrepo / A&J MicroDrive was a company that spun off from Exatron. Initially they sold tape drives with the same drive mechanisms and cassettes (called "wafers") as the Exatron Stringy Floppy, then switched to a different drive mechanism from BSR and "microwafer" cassette that is conceptually and essentially the same as the StringyFloppy, merely with slightly different dimensions. The BSR & Exatron drives & wafers are not compatible with each other.

The same drive was sold in at least a few other products for other platforms. Some examples:

The wafers were made & sold by Entrepo, and also rebadged by at least Phonemark and Smith Corona.


Manual for the Commodore64 version:
Entrepo Quick Data Drive Model 8500 (to download, ignore the .pdf, get the .cbz)


The "tape operating system" software was distributed from their BBS. Customers were instructed to dial the BBS and download the software and create their own tape backups.
Software for TRS-80 Model 100/102 and TANDY model 200 existed but isn't archived anywhere currently.

TRS-80 Model 100

http://www.club100.org/library/ups/tosa.100 A&J System 100 TOS for TRS-80 Model 100, version A
http://www.club100.org/library/ups/tosb.100 A&J System 100 TOS for TRS-80 Model 100, version B
http://www.club100.org/library/ups/tosc.100 A&J System 100 TOS for TRS-80 Model 100, version C
http://www.club100.org/library/ups/tosd.100 A&J System 100 TOS for TRS-80 Model 100, version D

Originally found at http://www.club100.org/library/libups.html in the Robert Benson section.

You can bootstrap these onto the 100 over the serial port a few different ways

Olivetti M10

File:System 100 TOS 5 rel 1 for Olivetti M10.zip

Misc References

There is also some info in the M100SIG archive, particularly the "reviews" dir.

Manual for A&J MicroDrive for Timex Sinclair

See pg 33: Portable-100 Magazine, 1986 April pg. 33

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