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RAM Disk

WP-2 ramdisk AS6C1008.jpg

Battery-backed SRAM powered by the wall power when present, the AA batteries when wall power is absent, and the CR2430 coin cell when wall power and AA batteries are absent.

Internal ram upgrade socket can take a single chip, either 32K or 128K.

  • 32K: 32Kx8 parallel SRAM, 5v, low power, DIP-28
  • 128K: 128Kx8 parallel SRAM, 5v, low power, DIP-32

Many different chips are compatible. Here are just a few for example & reference:

Hitachi HM628128LP
Alliance AS6C1008-55PCN from DigiKey or from Mouser <-- BEST BATTERY LIFE
ICSI IS62C1024LL-70W also LL or L, 70 or 55
BSI BS62LV1024PC-70 also 1025 or 1027 or 1028, PC or PI, 70 or 55
Toshiba TC551001CP-70L
AMIC LP621024D-70LL
Goldstar GM76C8128
Samsung KM681000BLP-7L
ASI MT5C1008CW-70L/883C

Generic ebay search for the type of chip, not a particular part number:

Installation notes:

  • Turn the PROTECT switch OFF before installing.
  • Press the Reset pin or F2+CTRL+BKSP after power-on after installing.
  • Format the new ramdisk: FILES -> RAM DISK -> HELP -> Format

The reset will have wiped your system settings, so you may need to configure the battery type again:

  • SETUP -> System -> Battery type

Expansion Card


WP-2 IC Card 32k original.jpg


RAM Card

ROM Card


References / notes

Toshiba Memory Card / IC Card
32K, 64K, or 128K RAM card
32K, 64K, 128K, or 256K ROM card

Connector that fits the Expansion port:

Similar to PC-Card/Cardbus/PCMCIA, but thinner with a single row of pins instead of two rows of pins.
38 pins, single row, 1.27mm pitch
Card main body 3.2mm thick x 54mm wide
JAE JC20-B38S-F1-A1 0.29mm-0.45mm pcb, centered, https://www.asapaog.com/rfq/japan-aviation-electronics/jc20-b38s-f1-a1/
JAE JC20-B38S-F2-A1 0.5mm pcb, offset
JAE JC20-B38S-F3-A1 0.2mm pcb, offset

Memory Battery


Binary Apps

See the Service Manual pages 4-16 and D-1.

CamelForth FORTH Interpreter

ZXZVM Infocom Z-Machine Interpreter